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Our Logo

Ever wondered where the Glen of the Red River logo came from? Who designed it? Who chose the colours? Who decided to place one of our very own Glendaruel sheep right at the front?

Our final logo!

The answer…our fantastic pupils from Kilmodan Primary!

Find out all about the design process on our Designing Our Logo page!


The Glendaruel Rap: Dress Rehearsal!

Date: [Afternoon] Wednesday 2nd of October 2013

Location: Kilmodan Primary School, Glendaruel

Workshop: The Glendaruel Rap: Dress Rehearsal!

Walking Youth Theatre Team: Rebecca Bloom, Sadie Dixon-Spain, Alana Mathers

This afternoons session focused on the performance of The Happening History of the Red River Glen rap! The pupils, still on a high from this mornings Mesolithic Forest School, had some great ideas for actions to be performed within the piece! It was great to hear how inspired the pupils were by the project, and to see them putting their Glen of the Red River knowledge into action when performing the Rap! Following some group work, preparing and rehearsing lines and actions, and a whole rap run-through, it was time to bring out the costumes – a much anticipated part of the dress rehearsal! With mighty Mesoliths, groovy Vikings, cool Jacobites, and a few hip modern day Glendaruel-ers, it was obvious not only were the pupils having fun, but they had also picked up on a number of historical fashion ideas throughout the sessions!!

It was time to begin staging our modern day Timeline Crew, and a lot of fun was had! The pupils were already beginning to show some great performance ideas, and many were already performing without script!

Our next workshop will include putting the final touches to the performance, and having the performance filmed to go on our website. We can’t wait!

Workshop: Mesolithic and Neolithic Life in Glen

Date: [Morning] Wednesday 2nd of October 2013

Location: Kilmodan Primary School’s Forest School, Glendaruel

Workshop: Mesolithic and Neolithic Life in the Glen

Walking Youth Theatre Team: Sadie Dixon-Spain and Alana Mathers

Guests: Susan Gaffney and Alison Sykora

The aim of this exercise was to encourage the pupils of Kilmodan Primary to use their imaginations and experience what life would have been like in Mesolithic and Neolithic Glendaruel. This is where the timeline the pupils created begins, and by bringing to life this era, it allowed the children to have a realistic knowledge of how life has evolved, how the Glen has changed, and of course, aspects of life in the Glen which have remained from the Early Settlers.

We took part in ‘Forest School’, a weekly excursion to an allocated outdoor classroom the pupils undertake each week. Sadie and Alana from The Walking Youth Theatre were accompanied by weaver Susan Gaffney, and professional chef Alison Sykora, who kindly shared their expertise to give the pupils hands-on experience of Meso & Neo-lithic life.


Susan taught the pupils how to weave plates and bowls, the way our Early Settling descendants would have done so in the very beginning of life in the Glen. This fantastic hands-on experience was enjoyed by all, and our pupils made some expertly designed serving dishes, just in time for a Mesolithic feast!



Alison cooked up a Mesolithic feast, with a little help from our hardy pupils! Food foraging brought to our attention the vast variety of ingredients that lie in the Glen, and by using traditional methods as far as possible, our pupils had a real-life Hunter Gatherer experience! From fruit to fish, vegetables to seaweed, an extraordinary insight into the feasting habits of 10,000 years ago brought the history of the Red River to life in a very exciting way!