Monthly Archives: September 2013

Archaeology Pages Complete

Over the last weeks we have slowly been uploading all of the images and maps produced by our own local and very eminent archaeology expert Charles MacLaughlin. You’ll find lots of sites in these pages, all marked on the maps and with photos of them below. Its a wealth of material and we hope to include Charles’s maps in our master map of Glendaruel shortly (another very big project indeed!). The pages are all here:

What if …? Tearoom & Exhibition at Kilmodan

Throughout August and September the children from Kilmodan Primary school have been creating a fantastic range of artwork in response to the Robert Stewart ceramic mural  situated in the school.  Inspired by Stewart’s  use of natural motifs, colour, pattern and texture  the children have explored  new materials and techniques to produce an impressive  body of work.  On Friday 4 October there will be a celebration of this work in the form of a tearoom, exhibition and programmes of drawing workshops  for the community to take part in.

Here’s the project page