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#Blogging with the P6s at @KilmodanPS today about their latest excursion to #HampdenPark

We had a lot of fun today writing about the recent very successful trip for the school to Hampden Park in Glasgow.

We had four different perspectives from the pupils, each wanting to describe a particular section of the day or event.

We used their own experience as source material, but as they had already written news stories, we referred to them. We also discussed the different blog posts and each blogger asked the others for help in identifying what was fact and what was not. One good discussion revolved around the score on the table football game. We decided the blogger wanted to make himself look too good by reporting a score of 10-2 and if he did that he might find people didn’t trust his blog. They really enjoyed talking about what their audience might say.

We also talked about what was appropriate in a blog, and what they could say and couldn’t. One pupil was intent on telling funny stories as he had a fortnight before, but we decided he should draw the line at lavatory humour. Another wanted to talk about how impressed he was with the luxurious facilities at Hampden Park – and we decided .

We also used pictures taken by the teachers to illustrate the posts, making the entries seem more immediate.

The posts are here:

Next week the pupils will be posting news entirely on their own during their technology afternoon – it will be very interesting to see how they get on.

The Weapons Pod in Glasgow!

On the 17th of March the pupils of Kilmodan traveled to the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre. On arrival we were indroduced to a man named Brian who was to guide us round the resouce centre. After walking for a long time we arrived at the weapon pod. Inside Brian showed us a stone axehead, a bronze axehead [green with age], a arrow head and a strange object which no one new what it was. To me it looked like a fossolised armadillo with back problems! We also saw a ginormous cross which must have been about ten metres long. Brian also showed us a really cool bow. The time flew by so it was soon time to leave so we got on the bus to go home.

Kilmodan primary school’s trip to Hampden

073On the 17/03/14 we went on a trip to Hampden. After a little wait we got a man called Bruce who was our tour guide. First we went to the underground tunnel where the team buses park on matchday. After that we went to see the home and away changing rooms. There were 16 showers and 6 baths and 1 of the baths had jacuzzi jets. So luxurious compared to Colglen shinty teams changing room.

Next we went to the indoor astro-turf training room where there was a  speed shot machine called Hotshot and we all got to have a shot at goal. After that Bruce showed us the tunnel where the players ran out but we couldn’t go out on [to the pitch] because the ground was wet. After that we went up stairs to go and see the Sky Sports studio and we saw the whole stadium from up high. Next we looked around the museum and then we had lunch.

At the end we had a picture with the commonwealth games mascot – Clyde.

Bus journey to Glasgow

The coach was white and I think the driver was called Bob and one person was called Mark who helped us – he also said he saw a dinosaur on the way.  Some of us got out our sketch books to doodle on them but then a pupil felt sick [burp] yuck!! A pupil drew  a girl – arghhh! And another one drew the scenery.

First we went to Hampden Park, and after we went to the Glasgow Museum Resource Center.

On the way back I drew a person, but it was bad – ohhhhh no! We got back at six – ohhhhh oh. It was a nice drive – nudge NUDGE.




























































Kyles win the shinty cup on Bute

The P7 and P5 teams both  went over to bute  for the indoor shinty tournament. The p7 team beat Strachur in the semi-final – the final score was 3-0. The goal scorers were Kennedy, Mcnaughton and Wyatt.

The P5 team played Dunoon in the semi-final and they won 2-0. It had to go to penalties – the scorers were Wilson and Renn.

The P7 Final was Kyles vs Inveraray with Inveraray scoring in the first 30 seconds, then Kyles came back to win 6-1. The goal scorers were Mcnaughton(2), Kennedy(2) and Wyatt(2).

The P5 final was Kyles vs Bute, but Bute won 1-0.

The P7 team won a shield and everybody got a medal.

The P5 team all won medals.

Visiting the chambered cairn

The school went to the chambered cairn. We climbed up the mountain. It was stressful because it was cold. Then we took pictures of the holes in the ground.

One of the pupils found a blue rock. Then another pupil found a hole that was like a bed so they climbed in it. Then two of the pupils climbed in the holes and it went up to there chests.

It was sunny at first but then it started raining – ohhhhh no! So we ran down but it was slippy- arghh! By the end of it we were all muddy- arghhhh! Then we got in the cars and went back to school, but we got the cars muddy- ohhhh no! But we enjoyed ourselves.


[Ed.]The Chambered Cairn is in Stronafian Community Forest (pictured above), owned by the community through the Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust

The First Sunny Forest School Of The Year

The school went to forest school today and to our amazement it was sunny! Yippee!

When we arrived we started to make the fire so we could make pancakes Yum!

Mrs Finnie started to get out the eggs and water for the pancake mix, she called us up in pairs to make our pancakes . One of the pupils said the pancakes were too sloppy but most of the pupils loved it.

Meanwhile some other pupils were making mobiles one pupil said that her mobile kept on breaking but most of the mobiles look really good!

At the other end of the forest two pupils were making a mud slide and by the end of the morning their waterproofs were as wet and muddy as anything – and that was our morning in forest school.


[Ed.]The Kilmodan Forest School is in a small piece of woodland owned by Donald McPhail who very generously allows the school  access throughout the year. The Forest School’s Mesolithic Day with the Walking Youth Theatre is pictured.