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The Glen of the Red River goes to Edinburgh!

Today, Saturday 23rd November 2013, The Walking Youth Theatre headed to Edinburgh, to present the Glen of the Red River project as part of the “Previously…Scotland’s History Festival”.

The day included a number of All Our Stories projects being presented, from all over Scotland, focusing on a diverse variety of projects that have been in development!

Sadie Dixon-Spain and Gerry McLaughlin from the Walking Youth Theatre began the Glen of the Red River presentation with a fantastic, energetic performance of the Glendaruel Guageman, taking our audience back in time to historic Glendaruel, and setting the scene for our beautiful Glen.

Alana Mathers and Sadie then delved into a presentation on the Glen of the Red River project, sharing information on the project, the work of the Kilmodan Primary Pupils, the development of the website, some of the interesting historical stories discovered…and of course, the Red River Rap!

The audience very much enjoyed learning about our project, and watching the fantastic film of the Kilmodan Primary Pupils sharing our Glen’s history!

A great event, and some great publicity for the Glen of the Red River!

Our Red River Rap – by the pupils of Kilmodan Primary

The Red River Rap: The Movie

As part of our Glen of the Red River project, we made a rap about the history and the timeline of Glendaruel.

We had to rehearse our lines over and over, and practice our rap moves, which was lots of fun. We added some creative moves and actions to go along with our words.

For our costumes, we gathered some clothes from different parts of the timeline, to dress up and look like the characters we learned about during our workshops.

It was very exciting making the film. We got to dress up, have lots of fun, and it was exciting to know the film was going to be on the Glen of the Red River website.

We were looking forward to seeing the film when it was edited together. We all thought it was spectacular! It was brilliant making the film because it was going to go on our very cool website.

Written by Georgie, Rachel, Sinead of Kilmodan Primary School.

Interviews with the Walkie Talkie Group

Today, we were thrilled to be joined at our Glen of the Red River Workshop by Mrs Sybil Peters and Mrs Eileen Connon from the ColGlen Walkie Talkie Group – a group of keen walkers who get together every week for some walkin’ and talkin’ in the Glen and surrounding areas, to keep fit, and have fun!

The Kilmodan Primary School pupils had lots of questions to ask Mrs Peters and Mrs Connon, who were wonderful interviewees!

The pupils asked about when the ladies moved to the area, what changes they have noticed in the Glen over the years, where their favourite place to walk in the Glen is, and if they had any stories to share from the Glen’s past. The pupils were very pro-active, asking lots of great questions and carrying on conversations with our guests. The interviews were recorded, and will be on our website shortly!

Many thanks to Mrs Peters and Mrs Connon for taking the time to come along and be apart of the Glen of the Red River project!