The ancient history of Ardachearnbeg is a bit shrouded in the mists of time, but it seems reasonable to assume that the site was occupied as long as there have been people farming in the Glen. The name itself is a corruption of an even more complicated word which means, as near as we can establish, “The small farm with two fields”. This farm would have been established where there was reasonably fertile land and a plentiful supply of good clean water, which still exists.

The earliest written record we can find dates from the 13th century, when there was a reference to the son of the farmer here being a “Baron”. In the Scottish context this did not necessarily indicate aristocracy, but rather that this chap was some kind of crown agent, or tax collector, or both.

We have been led to believe that some of the existing buildings date from the 15th century, although that is anecdotal.

It was a working farm from that date until about 30 years ago. Others may provide information about that period but it seems that the property was allowed to become almost derelict at that time, but then the property was acquired by a Mr Arnott, who restored the farmhouse and converted the outbuildings into holiday cottages, where they remain today.

In 2006 Kate and John McEwen bought the property and while continuing to welcome visitors, we have established the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy and train students from all over the UK and abroad.