Building The Project

The Glen of the Red River project has been shaped entirely by the pupils of the only school which serves the Red River Communities of Colintraive and Glendaruel, Kilmodan Primary School, located in the heart of the Clachan of Glendaruel.

The Walking Youth Theatre have hosted a series of workshops throughout 2013 at the school, and have been bowled over by the hard-work, enthusiasm, creative skills, and fun the pupils of Kilmodan have brought to such an exciting project.

In this section of the website, you will find many of the different activities WYT and Kilmodan have explored over the course of the project, and the ways the pupils have truly been the driving force behind the project.

From designing a logo, to building a timeline, researching family trees, and even exploring life as a Mesolithic Hunter Gatherer, it has been such a wonderful experience to delve into the history and heritage of our home, beautiful Glendaruel and stunning Colintraive, and to ignite a spark within the pupils, who will carry on our projects legacy in the years to come.