Simon Dawson and Rebecca Bloom met in 2003 where they lived in South Lanarkshire, with their two dogs! From here they moved to a wee hamlet on the outskirts of Dumfries, where their lives changed completely as Josh was born!! In 2005 Simon changed jobs and they all moved again to Otter Ferry in Argyll. Ten months later and still not settled, they were lucky enough to move to a house in Colintraive and have been there ever since!

Simon is a manager for SSE and although based in Dunoon, he gets to travel around Argyll. As well as an artist, Rebecca works as an actress for The Walking Theatre Company. This is a locally based company in Glendaruel and as well as local work they get to travel to many different places.

Simon was born in Norfolk but lived in many different places including Cyprus. This was because  his dad worked in the Airforce. His mum and dad, Irene and Brian Dawson, live in East Yorkshire now. Rebecca was born in Derbyshire but lived most of her ealier years with her mum and dad, Ruth and Stan Bloom in Formby, near Southport. Her mum still lives there but her dad sadly passed away in 1999.  Always wanting to move back to a rural area, Rebecca took the plunge and moved to Scotland in 1997. Simon has four sons who live in Plymouth. The eldest is Christopher Dawson and the other sons are triplets, Toby, Euan and Tristan Dawson. They like to venture up to this area during their holidays.

Simon, Rebecca and Josh  live at Caol Ruadh, where the owner, Karen Scotland, opens her gardens up to the public as a sculpture park for part of the year. Josh attends Kilmodan Primary School in Glendaruel.

Simon and Josh

Rebecca and Josh
            Rebecca and Josh