#Blogging with the P6s at @KilmodanPS today about their latest excursion to #HampdenPark

We had a lot of fun today writing about the recent very successful trip for the school to Hampden Park in Glasgow.

We had four different perspectives from the pupils, each wanting to describe a particular section of the day or event.

We used their own experience as source material, but as they had already written news stories, we referred to them. We also discussed the different blog posts and each blogger asked the others for help in identifying what was fact and what was not. One good discussion revolved around the score on the table football game. We decided the blogger wanted to make himself look too good by reporting a score of 10-2 and if he did that he might find people didn’t trust his blog. They really enjoyed talking about what their audience might say.

We also talked about what was appropriate in a blog, and what they could say and couldn’t. One pupil was intent on telling funny stories as he had a fortnight before, but we decided he should draw the line at lavatory humour. Another wanted to talk about how impressed he was with the luxurious facilities at Hampden Park – and we decided .

We also used pictures taken by the teachers to illustrate the posts, making the entries seem more immediate.

The posts are here: http://glenoftheredriver.com/our-school/our-blog/

Next week the pupils will be posting news entirely on their own during their technology afternoon – it will be very interesting to see how they get on.